3. November 2014 - Fremdsprachentheater

„The Struggle for Civil Rights“


Am 3. November kamen einige Schauspieler zu uns auf die Gaesdonck, um das Theaterstück „The Life and Death of Martin Luther King; AMERICA: DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES“ von Paul Stebbings und Phil Smith aufzuführen. Das Stück dauerte etwa zwei Stunden. Diese gingen jedoch aufgrund der hervorragenden Umsetzung des Stoffes durch die Schauspieler sehr schnell um.

Englische Zusammenfassung:
The stage play is about the life of Martin Luther King and his fight against racial discrimination. It explains the history and the way of Martin Luther King in the USA. The play starts with showing some ways of discrimination, like a colored women (Rosa Parks) who is not allowed to sit in a bus. Later on she is arrested, which causes riots by colored people. Martin Luther King becomes the leader of those “non-violent“ riots and travels around America to support the black people. In between he is often arrested but does not stop to fight against racial discrimination. On his way, he faces many problems and at the end he is shot on his balcony.