The Merchant of Venice

On Thursday, February 26th, we had the pleasure of welcoming an English-speaking theatre group to the stage of Gaesdonck´s auditorium. The group was performing Shakespeare´s problem play „The Merchant of Venice“, a play with a lot of tragic as well as comedic potential, a potential which the group illustrated on stage in an often impressive manner.

With elaborate costumes and charming scenery and requesites the group made Shakespeare come alive – and eventhough the Shakespearian language may have posed a challenge to most of our language skills the all in all context was allways understandable. The actors did an intriguing job oft o convey the bitter-sweet atmosphere of especially the ending oft he play, leaving the audience wondering what to make oft he characters and the plot.
I consider the English Theatre a great opportunity for us English-learners to listen to actual native speakers and broaden our horizons as regards the classics of Anglophone literature, theatre and history.